A Summertime Suit + Accessories

If you had the chance to read my last blog post, Polo Shirts Too Good For The Golf Course, you’d know that my go-to outfit in this summer heat is with a Polo-shirt, and not a suit. However, some people don’t have the luxury of keeping their outfit in the workspace THAT casual with a Polo no matter how professional it can still look. So wearing a suit for a lot of gents out there is really still the only option. With the latest Gentleman’s Box Subscription, I was sent a well matching set of accessories that paired nicely with a light summer sports jacket and a pair of khakis that will keep me looking and feeling cool throughout the strenuous heat.

The matching accessories that I received in the June Gentleman’s Box added a different taste to my usual style with the preppy, Northeastern feel to my suit. The pieces were a a solid blue tie with salmon-colored polka-dots, matching salmon-colored socks with navy blue stripes, a white pocket square with a navy blue outlining, and a brown leather watch with a gold trim and white face.

These accessories are something that I would honestly never buy individually or pair together on my own, but Gentleman’s Box makes it easy and a no brainer by picking it up and putting it together for me in order to help me step up my style for only $25 a month with accessories valuing over $75.

If you need help with pairing together accessories like I do (no shame) use my Promo Code: LifeByHill5 for $5 Off your first month’s subscription of Gentleman’s Box plus a free years subscription of GQ Magazine! To see more of my past styles and outfit with Gentleman’s Box Accessories, check out my other posts here: Same Suit, Different Style, The NYC High Line, and Accessorizing With Gentleman’s Box

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