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Keepin’ It Work Casual

For many guys out there, and even some women, wearing a suit to work is still the normal dress code, if not, the mandatory dress code in corporate American offices. Although suits are professional and extremely dapper, I will be the first to admit that I just get really damn lazy dressing up day in and day out. Most of the time it's simply because I'm running late to work and need to throw on something quick and effortless. To combat looking sloppy in a suit when I'm running late, I've been able to curate my closet in a couple of months by racking up some items that remain work casual, professional and most importantly, quick to throw together when I'm in a pinch.

My secret? One solid pair of navy and black dress pants, one pair of black and brown dress shoes, and four to five high-end sweaters in neutral colors (Navy, Beige/Tan, Black, Brown, and Gray) with some subtle patterns. With the right mix and collection, I suddenly had multiple outfits that can be matched and paired together nicely. Although the outfit isn't a suit, it can make for a solid Casual Friday outfit.

The goal is to be able to grab any of these items and have them all work together. To put a visual to the words, scroll on down and check out my outfit around SoHo!
Pants:Banana Republic Mason Tapered Rapid Movement Chino  ($98.00) 
Shoes:Johnston & Murphy Conard Cap Toe ($159.00) 
Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger Men's Archer Argyle Sweater ($44.99) 
Watch: Timex Southview Multifunction 41mm Leather Watch ($72.00) 
Socks: Happy Socks ($8.99)
Sunglasses:Ray Ban RB2180 ($143.00)


Location: SoHo, NYC Photography By: @DandyInTheBronx


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