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Fashion| Travel | Photography

What’s up and thanks for dropping by! I’m Christopher Hill and welcome to my travel, menswear, and photography blog!

I am a New York City-based travel, menswear, and photography blogger who was born and raised in New Jersey just outside New York City where I would consistently explore and wander during my youth. My parents loved to travel when I was growing up and would bring my family all over the world with them from Hawaii and Alaska all the way to Spain, Italy, France, Greece and more! All this traveling enabled me to jumpstart my addiction to it along with my love for photography. During all my travels, learning about all the different cultures across the world along with the history and people from those areas changed the way I perceived the world and allowed me appreciate everything I have in life. Now at 27 years old, I’ve traveled to over 38 different countries on 5 continents looking for my next destination!

After attending Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia for my Undergraduate Degree, I commissioned as an Officer in the United States Army and was deployed for over 9 months in the Middle East less than a year after graduating and becoming a United States Army Veteran. After I safely returned home, I decided to travel the world for 3 months going to England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Germany Czech Republic and many more! Eventually, I moved back to New Jersey where I currently continue to attend Graduate School for my MBA and working in the Public Relations industry. Ever since moving back home and working in the city, I became obsessed with the modern and historic architecture around the concrete jungle of NYC which inspired me to show off my latest fashion/street-wear trends.

I started my blog, buy modafinil adelaide as a way to document and express my experiences and everyday life as twenty-six year old roaming the streets of New York City. Blogging about my experiences along with street-photography started as a simple hobby that developed into a full on passion through my writing of everyday life including traveling, lifestyle, menswear and photography!

To check out more of my photos, you can view them on my Instagram page @lifebyhill or cheap modafinil australia

Getting in touch with me is easy! For all inquiries, please email me at

– Hope you enjoy!